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Relationship Etiquette

Relationships are complex by nature as we are all so very different. Courtesy and etiquette are absolute necessities when attempting to navigate them successfully. Find helps and advice here on how to interact with your friends, neighbors, boss, in-laws, children, parents and even difficult people you encounter everyday.

10 Etiquette Tips for After the Breakup
Show that you are the better person after a breakup by maintaing proper etiquette after a breakup.

10 Etiquette Tips for Your Child’s First Day of School

12 Rules of Roommate Etiquette
Anyone who shares living space and expenses with another person needs to learn some basic roommate etiquette rules to make the experience a positive one.

13 Ways to Annoy Your Host
Before you visit someone for an overnight stay, learn some manners, or you may never get invited back. Here are 13 things you should not do.

7 Reasons Others May Run When They See You Coming
Bad manners can ruin long-term friendships and family relationships. Take a look at this list of bad manners and see if you might be sabotaging your social life.

7 Tips on Proper Handshake Etiquette
A proper handshake helps make a good first impression in any social or business setting.

8 Etiquette Tips to Handle Awkward Situations
Learn what to do when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

8 Ways to Show Respect to Your Elders
Follow these tips on showing respect to those who are older than you.

Bridesmaid Etiquette
Information for those who have been asked to serve as a bridesmaid.

Business Relationship Etiquette
Office etiquette is essential to learn if you want to have professional respect from supervisors, coworkers, and clients.

Carpool Etiquette
Show common courtesy to the other passengers when you carpool to work.

Common Courtesies During Cold and Flu Season
Follow rules of common courtesy during cold and flu season to prevent spreading germs.

Communication Etiquette
Tips for communicating better.

Conversation Etiquette
Exercise good manners during a conversation at get-togethers with friends and coworkers.

Courtesy and Acts of Kindness
Go the extra step with courtesy and do something special for someone else.

Dating Etiquette
Success in dating requires following proper etiquette.

Disability Etiquette Tips
Learn how to interact with people who have disabilities.

Etiquette and the Art of Apologizing
Know the etiquette of when and how to apologize to a friend.

Etiquette in the Office Cubicle
If you work in an office cubicle, learn respect for others and follow certain etiquette tips.

Etiquette of Acknowledging Others

Etiquette of Public Affection
Know what type of affection is appropriate in public.

Etiquette of Saying Someone Has Bad Breath
How to kindly let a friend know it's time to improve on personal hygiene.

Etiquette Rules – What is Personal Space?
Understand the etiquette rules for personal space with friends, family, and coworkers.

Etiquette Tips for Valentine's Day
Keep the romance in Valentine's day by following some basic etiquette guidelines.

Etiquette Tips to Maintain Your Friendships
Friendships need to be nurtured with good manners and respect.

Etiquette Videos for a Variety of Occasions

Find out more about what etiquette is, why it is important, and how it...
Find out more about what etiquette is, why it is important, and how it affects your every day life.

Funeral Attendance Etiquette
Should I attend my ex mother-in-law's funeral?

Good Humor Etiquette
As a person of good manners it is important to show etiquette in your conversations and interactions. This article addresses how you can gauge whether or not your humor is in good taste.

Good Manners at Home
Showing good manners to those you are closest to will make your home life much happier.

Gossip is Bad Form
Spreading gossip about others is bad manners.

Graduation Celebration with Family
Don't forget those who helped you through childhood and were there for you during the most difficult times. Celebrate your graduation with family.

Handshake Etiquette
Information on proper handshake etiquette

How to be Positive Without Annoying Others
Show empathy and sympathy when you are trying to cheer up your friends and family members.

How to Put Others at Ease
Learn how to be the person others enjoy being around.

How to Respond to a Greeting
How to respond when someone greets you.

How to Start a Conversation
Don't be afraid to start a conversation at work or at a party.

I'd Like For You To Meet Mr. Raynes
Etiquette of meeting others and making introductions

Inspirational Quotes
These are inspirational quotes that would go well in notes and letters of condolences, encouragement and sympathy.

Is Lying Bad Manners?
Most people know that lying is dangerous. Is there ever a time when you should lie for the sake of proper etiquette, not hurting someone's feelings, or protecting a friend?

Learn basic tips on proper etiquette and good manners for children.
Learn basic tips on proper etiquette and good manners for children.

Marriage Etiquette
Follow these 9 tips on how to show respect and good manners to your spouse.

Money Manners
Know what financial details should not be discussed with friends and coworkers.

Neighborhood Etiquette
Show good manners to your neighbors for a rewarding life.

Parent Etiquette
Parents should exhibit good manners to set an example and to show respect for others.

Parenting Etiquette
Advice on how to be a better role model to your children.

Personal Promotion
Lesson on presenting yourself confidently with the goal of establishing a great first impression for business and personal sake.

Phone Stacking Game Manners
Enjoy the game of phone stacking to reestablish your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.

Proper Etiquette During a Friend's Divorce
Know how to act and what to say when your friend gets a divorce.

Respect for the Elderly
Each generation has something valuable to share with others. Tap into the caring and compassion of the elderly, show respect, and allow them into your life.

Self-Promotion: The Etiquette and Purpose
This article offers etiquette advice for those who need to self-promote.

Sharing Too Much Information is Improper Etiquette
Stop and think before you provide too much information that can embarrass you later.

Snobs Not Allowed
Being a snob is bad manners.

Social and Family Manners
Explanations and tips for good manners and proper etiquette in social and family situations

Speech Filter Etiquette
Learn to employ filters during conversation and when speaking to groups. Not doing so can give you the reputation for being socially incompetent.

Stepparent Etiquette
Being a stepparent is a challenge that can turn into a rewarding experience. Showing respect for each other is one of the most important things you can do.

Thank You Reminders
Ever wonder if you should thank your doctor? Look here for a short list of people we want to remember to thank.

Valentine's Day Etiquette
Gift suggestions for any occasion

Weekend Manners
There's nothing wrong with having fun on weekends. Just remember that you can still enjoy your time off of work and still have good manners.

What is Etiquette and Why is It Important?
An overview of the meaning and purpose of etiquette and good manners.

What To Do When Someone Sneezes
Answers to common etiquette questions.

Writing Great Wedding Thank You Cards
Every wedding gift deserves a note of thanks. Read here for quick tips on writing gracious letters of thanks to your helpers, friends and family.

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