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How to Eat Like a Civilized Person


Avoid looking like a clod at the dinner table. Before dining with friends or coworkers, learn proper table manners.

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Etiquette Rules – What is Personal Space?

Your relationship with someone determines how close he or she should get. Understand the etiquette rules for personal space with friends, family, and coworkers.

7 Tips on Proper Handshake Etiquette

A proper handshake helps make a good first impression in any social or business setting.

Proper Etiquette for Handling Mealtime Mishaps

Even if you know proper table manners, you have probably experienced at least one mealtime blunder. Learn the correct way to handle mistakes and accidents during dinner.

Spectator Sports Etiquette

Learn and follow the proper etiquette rules when observing any type of spectator sports.

Proper Etiquette for Tipping

Offering a proper tip to your waitstaff, hairdresser, mover, baggage handler and other service people will let them know how much you appreciate what they do.

Job Interview Etiquette

Stand out and be a front runner for the professional position of your dreams. Put your best foot forward for a job interview.

Proper Etiquette at the ATM

Automatic teller machines are supposed to be convenient and quick for the bank's customers. Follow these etiquette tips next time you go to the ATM.

How to Use Utensils at a Formal Dinner

Don't be intimidated by high class restaurants or special occasions where you have to show your best manners. Learn the proper use of utensils during a formal dinner.

Proper Etiquette of Eating Shellfish

Seafood is popular for dinner parties and meals at restaurant, but it can be quite messy. Here are some etiquette tips to eat shellfish in style.

What Not to Do While Driving

Avoid doing anything that distracts you while driving. Not only will you put yourself and others in danger, you might get a ticket.

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