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Table Manners & Etiquette

Table manners and etiquette articles offering great advice on everything from Table manners and How to use your utensils to how to host a proper dinner party, social or business.

Avoid Common Etiquette Blunders in Restaurants
Learn the proper etiquette of dining out and avoid common mistakes.

List of Etiquette Tips for Your Personal and Professional Life
List of some of the most common personal and professional etiquette issues that can help most people in everyday life.

Etiquette Videos for a Variety of Occasions

Finger Food Etiquette
Know what foods you may properly eat with your fingers and which ones require utensils.

Table Manners and Dining Etiquette
Before dining with friends or coworkers, know the proper table manners.

Buffet Etiquette
Know the proper etiquette of buffet dining.

Casual Dining Etiquette
Learn and follow proper etiquette guidelines for casual dining.

Tea Party Etiquette
Learn the proper etiquette for hosts and guests at a tea party.

Proper Etiquette for Handling Mealtime Mishaps
Even if you know proper table manners, you have probably experienced at least one mealtime blunder. Learn the correct way to handle mistakes and accidents during dinner.

How to Use Utensils at a Formal Dinner
Learn the proper use of utensils during a formal dinner.

Common Courtesies During Cold and Flu Season
Follow rules of common courtesy during cold and flu season to prevent spreading germs.

Restaurant Reservation Etiquette
Follow proper reservation etiquette to ensure getting into the restaurant of your choice and to get the best service possible.

Proper Etiquette for Tipping
Offering a proper tip to your waitstaff, hairdresser, mover, baggage handler and other service people will let them know how much you appreciate what they do.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Etiquette
Answers to frequently asked questions while dining out.

In Whose Name Should a Restaurant Reservation Be Made?
Know the proper etiquette of making a restaurant reservation.

Who Gives the Order to the Server in a Restaurant?
Learn the proper way to order in a restaurant.

What Do You Do With a Loaf of Bread That is Served Uncut in a Restaurant?
Know what to do when you receive an uncut loaf of bread.

What Should You Do With Paper and Plastic Condiment Wrappers in a Restaurant?
Know what to do with condiment wrappers in a restaurant.

Proper Etiquette of Eating Ice Cream

Business Lunch Etiquette for the Host
Follow proper etiquette when hosting a business lunch.

10 Quick Etiquette Tips for Social or Business Dining
Cheat sheet with quick tips for dining in a social or business setting.

What Should I Do If I Receive A Formal Dinner Invitation?
What is the appropriate response to a mailed or telephoned dinner invitation from either a friend or acquaintance.

Dining Etiquette
Tips on how to use your napkin when you are dining.

Professional Etiquette
Find out more about what etiquette is, why it is important, and how it affects your every day life.

Dining Etiquette Tips
Quick answers to dining etiquette questions.

10 Great Tips For Teaching Kids Manners
Help for the parent who wants to have children who are mannerly.

Business Lunch Etiquette for the Guest
Follow these etiquette tips if you are invited as a guest to a business lunch.

7 Mealtime Etiquette Tips
Seven mealtime tips for parents who want to encourage their children to use manners.

Dinner Conversation Etiquette
Learn the proper things to discuss and what not to discuss at the dinner table.

How Do You Get the Attention of Your Server in a Restaurant?
Know the proper way to get your server's attention.

Is It Ever Appropriate to Apply Makeup in a Restaurant?
Learn appropriate etiquette at the table.

Is It Good Manners to Request a Bag or Box for Leftovers at a Restaurant?
Learn the proper way to request a container for leftovers at a restaurant.

What is the Best Way to Complain About Food or Service at a Restaurant?
Learn the proper way to complain about food or service at a restaurant.

Phone Stacking Game Manners
Enjoy the game of phone stacking to reestablish your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.

10 Etiquette Rules Not to Break During a Business Lunch
Avoid these blunders when you attend a business lunch.

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