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Tips For Handling Cell Phone Interruptions

How To Handle Cell Phone Calls In Public


Sandra Dragojlovic

When you are out and about, perhaps at a department store or even at your favorite ice cream parlor, there is no guarantee that your cell phone wont ring. This is perfectly understandable, after all your friends and family don't know when and where you are at all times. In most instances however, you have simply crossed their mind and now they want to call and touch base or ask you a quick question. These are all normal, everyday situations that are easily handled graciously. The key is to understand that the cell phone is a handy tool that aids in the quality of life. Each ring does not constitute an emergency so calm down and answer when you become available.

Statistics from the year 2010, report that the wireless revenues from the cell or wireless industry were a whopping 159.9 billion dollars. (U.S. Wireless Quick Facts). Based on these statistics, one can assess the fact that there are a lot of people in our country who use their cell phones quite a bit during the day.In fact, 26.6 percent of all American households are only wireless, meaning that they have no tradition or 'landline' phone at all. With all of these cell phones out there, we are all candidates for at least one daily cell phone encounter.

    Here are some helpful tips for handling cell phone interruptions when you are in public or unavailable to answer.
  • Use your caller id information. This information really does have a purpose. Screening is a helpful process that allows you to be able to assess the nature of a call with a glance. Executives and managers have utilized their personal administrative assistants to handle call-screening for them for many years. Think of your caller id screen as your own personal assistant. The phone rings and the screen announces, "Pardon me Mrs. Kimbley, but there is a Mr. Charles Frazier on line one for you."
  • Be wise about your ringtone. Take care that you choose a ring tone that really reflects who you are and what you believe. Whether it seems fair or not, people will make determinations about who you are based on the music that you have chosen on your cell phone. It sounds crazy, but it is true. Even your cell phone is sending a message about your values, personality and style. Try to choose something that is truly as unique as you.
  • Adjust your ringer volume. When you are in public you should make sure that your phone's ring tone volume is low enough that it is not startlingly loud and obtrusive to others around you. Silencing the phone is actually a great option as long as you have a vibrate setting. Use the vibration setting to alert you of incoming calls. Again, with a glance you can know whether this is an important call that you need to return immediately.
  • Excuse yourself. If you have determined that the incoming call is important, excuse yourself from the presence of others as quickly as possible and receive the call in private. If you fear missing the call you can always answer, mute, excuse yourself and then take the call. At any rate you should recognize that talking loudly on the phone in public is considered rude and sometimes even obnoxious behavior.
  • We live in a technology driven era where cell phones are as plentiful as are cars. While we all love and appreciate the instant availability of the tool, we must take the time and effort necessary to make sure our use of them is both courteous and wise.

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