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Wedding Etiquette

The Wedding Etiquette category offers special articles written expressly to answer everyday and common questions and concerns that wedding guests and parties may have. Discussions on a range of items from what to wear to an evening wedding to appropriate gifts for particular situations.

9 Common Wedding Etiquette Mistakes
Avoid some common mistakes that can ruin the bride and groom's special day.

9 Wedding Invitation Guest List Questions
Everyday questions engaged couples may have about their wedding invitations.

Am I Obligated to Attend a Wedding I Don’t Approve Of?
If you don't approve of the wedding, follow these guidelines.

Bridesmaid Etiquette
Information for those who have been asked to serve as a bridesmaid.

Common Wedding Guest Etiquette Faux Pas
A wedding is a wonderful celebration of two people in love who have committed their lives to each other. Don't ruin the event by committing any of these faux pas.

Daytime Wedding Dress For Guests
Tips on what to wear to a daytime wedding.

Do I Bring the Wedding Gift to the Wedding?
Learn what to do with the wedding gift.

Engagement Etiquette
Tips for the newly engaged couple.

Engagement Party Gift Etiquette
Follow these guidelines for bringing a gift to an engagement party.

Etiquette for Breaking Off an Engagement
Maintain proper manners when breaking off an engagement and follow these etiquette guidelines.

Etiquette for Meeting Future In-Laws
Learn and follow the proper etiquette when meeting your in-laws.

Etiquette of Eloping
Have you decided to elope? Follow a few etiquette guidelines to make your wedding even more romantic.

Etiquette of Handling Wedding and Reception Problems
How to graciously handle awkward moments and problems that are likely to occur during a wedding.

Etiquette of Social or Ceremonial Obligations
Know what you are obligated to do for various social events.

Etiquette Tips for Bridal Toasts
Follow proper etiquette guidelines when proposing a toast at a wedding.

Formal Attire Guidelines
Know what to wear when the occasion calls for formal wear.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bridesmaid Etiquette

Frequently Asked Questions About Weddings
Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about wedding etiquette.

Guide to Proper Wedding Gift Etiquette
Follow some basic rules on wedding gift etiquette, including how much to spend, where to send the gifts, and what to expect in the event of a breakup.

How Should the Toasts Be Handled?
Toasting the bride and groom adds a nice touch to any wedding.

Is a Gift Appropriate for a Second Wedding?
What to do if this isn't the first wedding for the bride or groom.

Learn basic tips on proper etiquette and good manners for children.
Learn basic tips on proper etiquette and good manners for children.

May I Bring a Guest to the Wedding?
Proper etiquette for bringing guests to a wedding.

Navigating Spa Customs Abroad
How to respond to local customs and traditions regarding spas while traveling abroad.

Outdoor Wedding Etiquette

Proper Etiquette and Attitude of a Bridesmaid
Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but it also carries responsibilities that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Proper Etiquette for Handling Mealtime Mishaps
Even if you know proper table manners, you have probably experienced at least one mealtime blunder. Learn the correct way to handle mistakes and accidents during dinner.

Semi-Formal Attire Guidelines
Know what to wear when the dress code calls for semi-formal attire.

Social and Family Manners
Explanations and tips for good manners and proper etiquette in social and family situations

Wedding Gift Etiquette
Etiquette helps for wedding guests

Wedding Gift Thank You Card Etiquette
Learn the proper etiquette for sending thank you cards for wedding gifts.

Wedding Guest List Etiquette
Follow proper etiquette when creating a guest list for your wedding.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette
Great and informative tips for creating or ordering the best addressed wedding invitations.

Wedding Shower Thank You’s
Information on how to send a great thank you note after your wedding shower.

What Is Proper Wedding Dance Etiquette?
Many traditional weddings include a wedding dance.

What Is the Proper Etiquette for the Bouquet Toss?
If you choose to toss your bouquet, follow some simple guidelines.

What Should I Do If My Children Aren't Named on the Wedding Invitation?
Answers to questions about taking uninvited guests along to a wedding.

What Should I Wear to a Wedding?
Learn the proper attire for weddings.

Where Do I Sit at a Wedding?
Learn the proper seating arrangements at weddings.

Who Pays for What in a Wedding?
Traditional financial responsibilities for the wedding.

Writing Great Wedding Thank You Cards
Every wedding gift deserves a note of thanks. Read here for quick tips on writing gracious letters of thanks to your helpers, friends and family.

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