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Super Bowl Party Etiquette

Hosting a Great Super Bowl Party


Super Bowl Party Etiquette
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Capping off the football season is yet another honor given to January each year. The Super Bowl game is the most watched sports event in the world. It is also a great time for friends and football fans to come together and enjoy a festive party as they watch the big game. Your Super Bowl party can be an all-day event or one that begins right before the kick-off and ends at the game's conclusion. Whichever you decide, you should definitely have a plan and enlist the help of your friends in order to have the best party yet.

    Here are some tips for game day success.
  • Set up two televisions in at least two rooms. You may even want to place another screen in the kitchen or where the buffet is set up (if it is away from the main party rooms). Use one room for serious viewers who are not likely to want to do or hear a lot of talking during the game. The other room might be best for bowl-game only fans who will be there for the socializing, food and fun. They will still want to see the game and the half-time show, but they will definitely want to enjoy and discuss the infamous Super Bowl commercials. If children have been included it would be nice to set up an area just for them as well. If they are too young to really appreciate the game, place them somewhere safe and near that offers them the freedom to play and enjoy the party in their own way.
  • Serve party favorites and remember this is definitely not the time for fancy dishes. Try to think convenience and finger foods. You'll want to prepare items that aren't too messy and are able to be consumed quickly. Invite guests to bring something along such as some chicken wings, pizza, chips, or soda pop. If you are planning to serve any alcoholic beverages you should prepare to collect your guests keys at the beginning of the party. It might be safer to serve sodas, tea and non-alcoholic drinks so that you don't have to worry about anyone over-indulging and leaving your home and party intoxicated. It is also a great idea to have lots of napkins and paper towels on hand for any messy situations. Remember your guests will be having a good time and they might be a bit animated during the game. All of their activity might equal spills.
  • Decorate according to the game. This might include the game number or the team colors. Make sure you have appropriate signage in your yard and always advise your neighbors that you are having a party and that your guests will be parking on the street. It is totally your call as to whether or not you invite your neighbors, it would be a nice gesture, but invite them only if you feel comfortable around them.
  • Respect the hosts rights to the remote control and the main chair. He or she has been preparing all day (and then some) for this party. Be a good guests and leave his or her remote control alone. In addition, let your hosts have the best seats in the house. If you are the host, try to make sure that your seating has the best visibility options possible. Theater style would be great but if you don't have this type, be creative.
  • Pregame activities are always needful. If you are hosting an all day party think of some ways to entertain your guest before the game begins. If you have a pool and live in a warm climate, have a pool party. Other options might include team trivia games or engaging in great conversations about the season. Refrain from making assumptions about your guests. Don't assume that all men are knowledgeable about football or that all women aren't. Mind your etiquette and make every effort not to be offensive toward the other team's fans. Try not to be too over-bearing about your team, this is not the time to brag and boast too much, this is a time to have fun and enjoy good company, great food and the game of the season.
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