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Daytime Wedding Dress For Guests

What To Wear


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Of all of the celebrations of life I think I'd have to say my favorite public one is a beautiful romantic wedding. Everyone tries to do their very best when it comes to weddings. In general if you are attending a church wedding there is an automatic formality to the service versus a wedding on the beach in Bermuda. At either wedding I think these tips will be helpful when you are deciding what to wear.

For the daytime wedding think business attire. Ladies, this is the time to wear a nice pastel or colorful dress or suit. Gentlemen, you can wear your suit with a bright tie and perhaps a great color-coordinated shirt in a dusty pink or blue. Put your best foot forward, figuratively and literally. Don't forget the shoes.

When you are dressing for weddings remember these tips:

  • The Bride Wears White. Call me old-fashioned but it is still considered the bride's day to shine. Let her wear white while you opt for another fabulous color.
  • Complete The Look. Basically, unless you are on the beach you should dress in an appropriately dressed-up way. Ladies, this is the day you can wear your hat or a nice scarf and brooch. Also, wear nylons (hosiery) they really do lend an air of class and style. Gentlemen, shine your shoes and wear a tie with a matching handkerchief. You'll look really smart.
  • Bring your Smile. Like Little Orphan Annie always says, you're never fully dressed without a smile. Attend the wedding with a winning attitude and prepared to have a great time. Choose to either leave your hang-ups (about the couple) at home or graciously decline the invitation. This is not the time nor place to make a statement.

One more note, if you have not been able to send your wedding gift ahead, be sure to ask the host or hostess where they are placing the gifts. You don't want to walk into the ceremony with the gift, someone may think it's a new style of handbag. Have a great time; I am sure you'll look fabulous.

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