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Being Modest

By April 27, 2011

modest dressing

I am always delighted and refreshed to see a young lady or gentleman who is concerned about their own personal presentation. I am convinced that many of our young people today simply do not realize that their clothing choices serve as a type of uniform that speaks volumes to those around them about who they are (or who they appear to be). It is sad to say that all too often the culture and media dictates how they are to dress. As parents and role models to our youth we must teach them to take stock in their appearance and to make choices that will honor themselves and their family.

There are many ministries and etiquette programs emerging which focus on training and equipping young people in the area of finishing. Here are some ways that young people can make better decisions; sometimes they only need some standards to measure against when they are purchasing and dressing. Here are some tips from author Dannah Gresh's book Secret Keeper.

Truth or Bare?
  • Is your shirt too tight? If it is you might want to try another bra--if it is still too tight toss it. Tight shirts are unsightly and needlessly immodest.
  • Is your shirt neckline too low? Try the palm test. Hold your hand horizontally just below your chin; if the shirt is open below the bottom of your hand it's too low and you should try a scarf or undershirt in order to cover your chest.
  • Is your shirt too thin? If you are 'exposed' or showing through your shirt try a padded or thicker bra and remember your underwear (bra or panties) should never be seen. These are private.
  • Extremes are popular right now but you might want to stay classic and accessorize with fashionable accents, purses and shoes.

Here are few more guidelines for dressing fashionably modest:

  • longer skirts and dresses are fine but steer clear of the short shorts and the too short skirts.
  • If you raise your arms and your abdomen shows then you may want to layer.
  • Add a great tank shirt in order to cover your mid section this is a quick fix that will allow you to wear your favorite shirt even if it is a bit short.
  • Try to buy pants that fit correctly and please avoid the plumber look. A great tank shirt will work as a fix for this problem too.
What About Adults?

There is such a beauty in modest decorum. Both women and men are more considerate and well-mannered when they are dressed well. This is perhaps the reasoning behind business dress at work for instance. People who work in corporate settings are expected to behave less casually so they are required to dress up and present themselves in a professional manner. Dressing professionally includes dressing appropriately and in a way that does not cause problems, whispering and distractions within the workplace.

Immodest dressing can also lead to the formation of improper relationships at work. At work remember to represent yourself and your family in your dress as well as in your behavior, speech and manners. Always remember to ask yourself daily, "What is my outfit communicating?" My hope is that it is saying that you are a person of elegance, class and modesty who cares about how your actions and choices affect others. The person of grace and elegance always considers others above themselves and seeks their good and comfort first--before his or her own.

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Keep these articles coming as they’ve oneped many new doors for me.

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